DEI for Success

Is your organization prepared to communicate, engage, and integrate new talents into its daily operations? How about a new diversity program as part of your company’s HR strategy or a contemporary integration program for your municipality? We train and familiarize your organization in welcoming, communicating, and capitalizing on the benefits of diversity.

Why DEI?

DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) is not just an ethical choice but a business necessity. By investing in DEI, companies create more innovative and productive teams, improve the employee engagement, and strengthen their market position. It’s a strategic advantage that pays back exponentially.

From a business perspective, the benefits of DEI are apparent on multiple levels. Diverse teams produce more innovations, which open up new markets and increase sales. Equity reduces turnover and saves on recruitment costs. Inclusion boosts the employee engagement and productivity, directly impacting the company’s bottom line. These factors collectively improve the company’s reputation and attractiveness, thereby increasing customer loyalty and strengthening its market position. DEI is an investment that yields clear financial value.

Our DEI services

Ponte’s DEI services include intercultural communication training, reception readiness training, and DEI-oriented strategy workshops for corporate HR departments.

Business diversity expertise enhances a company’s adaptability and is a requirement today, not only from a diversifying workforce but also stakeholders and customers. DEI has become a part of corporate social responsibility and a competitive advantage, especially in the international talent market.

We also offer research information on immigration, immigrants, and the surrounding phenomena. We collect data and refine it into solutions for both companies and public organizations.


Support for Integration in Municipalities

Municipalities play an immensely significant role in ensuring a business-friendly environment. Attractive municipalities and cities that welcome international talents create the conditions for companies to attract talents in the future. The municipality of the future engages in international resident marketing and considers international talents in both its strategy and service production.

We work with municipalities on integration programs that reflect the needs of businesses and talents. We understand the laws and processes of integration work, enabling us to offer municipalities consultancy even in unexpected situations. Unfortunately, these do occur, the most recent and ongoing example being the Ukraine crisis.



Integration strategy for city of Kauhava

Kauhava is known for promoting work-based immigration and is one of a few rural municipalities that have had coordinated immigration work for a long time. The new version of the integration program is Ponte Oy’s work and will be completed at the end of 2023. It is likely Finland’s first programin PPT-format, and several companies have been interviewed to better understand the needs of work-based immigrants.

Gender Equality course for international degreestudents

Our customized course for five different student groups provided perspectives on the world’s most gender-equal country’s equality development and today’s work and learning environments, where promoting equality still plays an important role.
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