Investing in your most valuable resource—humans—isn't just about paperwork; it's an investment in your company's success and the quality of life for your employees. Think beyond visas and housing; consider the whole person.

We may be far from many, but through the quality of life and work environment, we have something unique to offer. Prioritizing settlement is a part of perceived work-life quality, and a successful settlement retains your talent long-term.

For businesses, we offer relocation services and consultation for diverse work communities. Arrival and initial stages in Finland and at the new workplace are areas that modern companies focus on as part of a successful recruitment and employee experience.

Strategic Competitive Advantage through Relocation Services

Relocation services cover everything needed when hiring an employee from abroad. Residency permit issues are usually the first step. Document verification and necessary visits to local agencies like DVV (Digital and Population Data Services Agency), Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland), and the Tax Office are all part of the package. Even setting up a bank account before the first salary payment. Finding a suitable home from abroad without help is challenging; we assist in that and in signing necessary daily living contracts. We offer services for family members as well. Our services are available to both companies looking to hire and private individuals moving to Finland.

Manage Recruitment Costs by Enhancing Retention

Investing in relocation services pays off as it offers concrete financial benefits. Quick and smooth integration into work and the community increases productivity and decreases sick leaves. Motivated and committed employees save costs, such as recruitment and turnover expenses. Quality settlement also strengthens your employer brand, which lowers future recruitment costs and improves customer loyalty. Ask more about our relocation and DEI services and let’s together build a workplace where people don’t just work—they thrive.

Initial Assessment as a Tool for Integration

Municipalities play a significant legislative role in integrating immigrants. They are also local communities where the inclusion of newcomers to Finnish society strengthens. According to the Integration Act, municipalities can perform initial assessments for individuals who have not yet been assessed. These assessments have seldom been used although the law allows for their application to international degree students and working immigrants. We have conducted hundreds of these initial assessments in our career and we see them as an excellent tool for supporting integration.


Assisting employees in obtaining documents.

To become employed in Finland, you need to ensure that the conditions for working are in order. After obtaining a residence permit, the necessary registrations are made at the Finnish National Register and Population Information Office, usually followed by a tax card and a bank account. We have provided these services to hundreds of people in cooperation with Eezy Plc and YESHR Oy, among others.

Initial assessment as a tool for navigation in Finnish society.

Municipalities should show more interest in their new residents who have moved from abroad. We have been developing the assessment processes in Pirkanmaa and South-Ostrobotnia municipalities.

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