Ponte´s story

“Ponte” means “bridge” in Italian. However that’s the extent of our relationship with Italy.

It just so happened that we all liked the idea of overcoming barriers, connecting different elements, and providing pathways. So, we named our company “Ponte” rather than the Finnish word for bridge.

Our company’s roots actually lie far away—in Bashkortostan, Syria, Australia, and Hungary. These are the origins or significant life experiences of our founders. Without these roots and our move to Finland, there would be no Ponte. Established in 2021, we combined the experience and expertise that brought us together.

Over the years, we’ve become experts in various immigration-related roles at the municipal, national, and organizational levels. We also realized that it’s more efficient for the public sector to handle all aspects of immigration. Hence, we founded Ponte. While we aim for efficiency, we retain a sense of humanity and sensitivity from our own experiences.

What unites us at Ponte is a passion for finding solutions to challenges that can be solved through work-based immigration, enhancing reception competence, or promoting integration. We share a serious commitment to our values.

We shape the future

We’re concerned about a stagnant, inward-looking Finland where rural areas are dwindling, new social capital is not given room to grow, and “Finnishness” is restricted to a chosen few. We live in a world where waiting for a change is not an option; change must be made.

Finland become more international, we enable it!

We facilitate smooth transitions and provide businesses and society with the tools for receiving, meeting, and developing operating models.


Tuomas Männistö, Co-founder, CEO

Strategic development and cooperation tuomas@ponte.fi

Fia Hafiz, Co-founder, relocation service manager

Relocation services and cooperation

Terhi Lake, Marketing And Pr manager

PR and marketing

Agnes Szeman, Co-founder, relocation specialist

Relocation services EURES-ohjelma

Krisha Uchadadia, Assistant

Relocation services, Studies in FInland

Manar Ameli, Co-Founder, Chairman Of The Bord

Service design and strategy

At the core of our services is enabling Finnishness for all those who want to contribute to this country.